Acute Low Back Pain

This information is for those of you with chronic or recurring low back pain. If you had a serious accident, have serious neurological symptoms like complete loss of sensation or control of your bowel and bladder, or if you have a fever associated with this pain, please call or see a Medical Doctor immediately as these may indicate very serious conditions.

The majority of back pain is mechanical in nature. That means the moveable soft tissue components of the spine are normally the things that get injured. Things like the ligaments that provide support and prevent the spine from moving into damaging ranges of motion; the discs between each vertebra that provide shock absorption and mobility of the spine; the joint capsules that surround the facet joints and give it mobility and support; the tendons that attach muscle to bone to move our spine but also to stabilize it against forces like gravity; and the fascia that covers every muscle fiber giving it it’s shape, elasticity, and strength.

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