Dr. Taylor

Dr. Taylor grew up in Southern California jumping bikes, surfing, playing football, baseball, sand volleyball, and basketball. In high school, he was an All-League Linebacker and Captain of his team. He was recruited to the Ivy League, where he played football for Columbia University, and was also All-Ivy and Captain his senior year. He has sustained many injuries from a broken ankle and foot, torn meniscus, ACL tears in both knees, herniated discs, rotator cuff injuries, a labral tear, A/C separation, etc. If you have it, he’s pretty much had it also, giving him a unique perspective about your injury and how it feels.

After suffering a lower back injury in 2007, he had his first chiropractic experience. Being no stranger to physical therapy and athletic trainers, he was shocked at the lasting relief and increased performance that was restored even after all his injuries.

He found his passion, and he decided to go back to school to become a chiropractor. He attended Parker University and graduated Cum Laude in 2010 with a Doctor of Chiropractic degree, a B.S. in Anatomy, and a B.S. in Health & Wellness.

Doctor Taylor has dedicated himself to studying the human body and biomechanics. He is constantly learning and obtaining new certifications to perfect his craft and provide the best evidence-based care to his patients. He has been thoroughly trained by the Titleist Performance Institute to understand how the body should move and how it compensates for limitations in strength and range of motion. He has studied movement assessments by Gray Cook, movement impairment syndromes by Julie Sahrmann, and joint assessments by the Motion Palpation Institute. His main focus areas are spinal and extremity adjustments to mobilize joints, myofascial therapies to repair and lengthen muscles, dry needling, corrective rehabilitation, and kinesiology taping (the same protocols used by the US Olympic Team). He has worked with many patients, from elite to junior golfers, NFL players, ballet dancers, and martial artists down to your typical office worker.

Dr. Taylor and his wife, Jamie, met in 2015. They have a son, Kaleb, and two dogs, Bailey and Thor. They love playing golf, football, traveling, and spending time with their family.

Titleist Performance Institute

  • TPI Certified Medical 3
  • TPI Certified Fitness 2
  • TPI Certified Power 2

Functional Movement Systems

  • Selective Functional Movement Assessment Level 2
  • Functional Movement Screen Level 2
  • Functional Capacity Screen
  • Y Balance Test Certified
  • Screening and Assessing Breathing

Eastern Medicine Institute

  • Acupuncture Certified
  • Dry Needling Certified
  • Gua Sha
  • Cupping

American Posture Institute

  • Certified Postural Neurologist

National Academy of Sports Medicine

  • Corrective Exercise Specialist

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