When the brain detects an injured area in the body, it has some safety mechanisms so you don’t injure it further. The first and most obvious is pain. If it hurts you don’t want to move it. The other mechanism is decreased strength. Even if you fight through the pain, it’s trying not to let you do irreparable damage. Lastly, it will recruit synergistic muscles in the body to pick up the slack. You may know this as compensation. You may also be aware of muscle memory patterns and that once the brain has compensated, it has ingrained a new pattern of movement.

Depending on how long the muscle/fascia has been injured there may be atrophy and it will require strengthening. Most of the time the muscle is strong after the injury is resolved, and it just needs repetition to ingrain the new pattern. This is a critical step, otherwise the previous pattern will continually be reinforced and you will reinjure the area or injure something else. Dr. Taylor will customize an individualized rehab program for you to perform in office after the manual therapy and also at home.

Benefits of Functional Rehab include:

  • Increased Mobility/Range of Motion
  • Increased Strength/Performance
  • Improved Posture/Stability
  • Decrease Pain/Inflammation
  • Decreased Risk of Re-injury

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